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Pharaoh/Cleopatra Queen of the Nile
Build a kingdom.  Rule a the Nile.  Live forever.

I have come across many really useful web sites of Impressions game - Pharaoh.  Some are aimed at guiding the novice, some at  solving the problems of the most competent.  Some pages exist for chat and sharing funnies, while others offer more serious analysis.   So, what was left for my web site?  One of my strengths - organising and planning.  I always want to know what I can farm and which raw materials are available locally as I start a mission. Over the months I have been building my own library of what I consider to be useful information.  A large proportion of this useful information is available out there on the other excellent sites, but never clearly organised in a fashion that I find useful.  So, here is my offering an at-a-glance-quick-reference guide  built on all the existing work out there on my favourite Pharaoh web pages  and forums.

To me Pharaoh is just a game....not to be taken too seriously...but played with all the help you can get.  I hope this helps aid your enjoyment.

The information is split into three elements and a number of other useful pages:
City building guide
This details what I have learnt and found extremely useful when playing Pharaoh, or by reading.  This covers the building the city and is meant to be used in conjunction with the reference sheets.
Career path
When playing Pharaoh  there is a career path to follow.   Various walkthrough sites provide details of all missions but none make it very clear as to how  many missions you have left before you complete the game.    This link shows you your career path options.   What is more useful... I am in the process of writing the quick reference sheets for each Pharaoh mission.   This is very time consuming and will take some time to complete but they will be added, one by one.
There are a number of cheat codes for Pharaoh.  Some of which are cheats but many are amusements of the developers.
Keyboard shortcuts
It took me a long time to work to rotate monuments..... so I find these really helpful
Glossary of terms
While I have tried to avoid any unnecessary use of jargon, phrases always come up that raise a question.  I have included a glossary of words I have used on this site that I feel may raise a question, and also included words that I have come across from other websites.