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Hathornefers top tips.
The first thing that you should do at the start of a mission is slow the speed of the game down to 10%, then save the game.
Clay pits can be built around the edge of the map  irrespective of the land type.
Play the training missions on normal difficulty.  You can not win some of these missions when the level is set to very hard.  If you have Cleopatra installed, you will also have trouble when set to hard too.
If you have installed Cleopatra make sure you have installed the burial goods bug fix which is available on the Pharaoh website.
Never delete messages you have read, if you ever want to take part in the internet based contests.
Upgraded bazaar's and water supplies send out more walkers than their non evolved counterparts.  So beautify them!
Remember to use roadblocks to prevent  walkers such as bazaar traders and  water suppliers from leaving the built up areas where they are needed.
Land trade routes have advantages over water trade routes, as they are not dependant on having a dock.