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Egyptian name
Greek name
Alternative mission (where appropriate)
Career mission no.
                Win scenario requirements                 
Culture rating
Other requirements
Prosperity rating
Create housing and watch immigrants arrive
Build a granary that hunters can fill with game
then finally:
6 sturdy huts with food from the bazaar
Monument rating
Kingdom rating
                       Initial trading routes                       
Partners name
Land / Sea
Price (Deben)
None available
                   Mid game trading routes                   
Partners name
Land / Sea
Price (Deben)
None available
                            Mission History                           
Start date of mission
January 3500 bc
Quick check flag
Date of event
Nature of event
Population =150 people
Food or Famine?
April 3500 bc  or later
Clean water.  Water supply
            .... short of a walkthrough advice           
Initial raw materials
Pharaoh starts you out on what a handful of training missions, of which Nubt is the first.  All training missions are scenarios which are unavoidable in your career path and for those new to city building are quite important building blocks.
First, find a nice spot to build a few houses remember
they  must be within two spaces of a road. Houses built beyond this distance will disappear (but only after having paid for the plot)
do not to build too many houses.  The aim is to get the houses to evolve, and  the more properties you have the longer it takes people to  move into them all, and the slower properties will evolve.
Once your population reaches 150 people a trigger event occurs (Food or famine message). Here you learn about the provision of food to your people.  This includes setting up hunting lodges to hunt ostrich, building a granary to store the ostrich meat  and a bazaar  to supply the goods to the houses.
Shortly thereafter you will be introduced to water supplies.  As with bazaars water is carried by 'walkers'.  The water supply walkers get their water from the water supply and then walk of down the road - the direction they head off in is random.  You will learn  the problems this causes later.  At this stage it is worth watching the houses
If you ensure that your properties are getting water and food they should evolve into  meagre shanties.  As six meagre shanties are required to win the Nubt scenario you should keep a check on house evolution.  Until you recognise the different housing types you will need to check on their statuses.  To do this you place your mouse over the property and right-click.  This will highlight what the problem is that is preventing your selected house from evolving, and allow you to rectify the situation.
It is possible to win the scenario at this point.  You will know you have won when you see the 'Victory' message.  However you will probably have to learn about fires and firehouses first.  Fire houses should be placed near major buildings.  In Nubt you need to ensure that a firehouse walker passes each home, to reduce the risk of fire.  As with reality fire spreads from one building to another, so those firehouse walkers need to be close at hand.
Mid game raw materials
Key lessons
First simple concepts
House evolution
Provision of food
Provision of water
Overseer of the granary
Mission wildlife
Patron God
Worshipped gods
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