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Favourite Links

I have made links on other pages to third party sites.  These can all be found on this portal... along with some other little gems that I have found.

I am not affiliated to any off these sites just thought them quite worthy of note.


Birkbeck College can be found at

Birkbecks School of Geography can be found at

The new college building web pages including live web feed can be found at
Dario Argento

I am looking for some good Argento web sites.  If you have come across any, please let me know.
Barking and Dagenham
The Barking and Dagenham councils web page can be found at
Pharaoh and Cleopatra

The designers site can be found at

The official Impressions Pharaoh site can be found at  

The largest fan site for Pharaoh I have found can be found at

Pharaoh competitions can be found at

The new Sierra forum for Pharaoh can be found at^3@.ef7088f
The new Sierra forum for Cleopatra can be found at^533731@.ef7089e
Pharaoh Fansites
Granite Q is best known for his competition maps, but regularly shares his expertise on the various Pharaoh forums,  his website designed for beginners can be found at
Grumpus the Elder, who also can be found on a number of forums has a fan website with a lot of really useful information which can be found at
Keith H is another Pharaoh master who shares his knowledge with the mere mortal players.  If you enjoy the music from Pharaoh you may wish to check his fan website at

Other links

Huntingdonshire Youth Volunteer Bureau
The Huntingdonshire Youth Volunteer Bureau is relatively new and acts as a 'local' advocate for children of the area.  As someone who enjoys working with children . especially those in need.... how could I resist  placing The Huntingdonshire Youth Volunteer Bureau on my favourite links.  The Huntingdonshire Youth Volunteer Bureau  can be found at
World Vision promotes sponsorship of children in less developed countries, in projects that help remove children from poverty.  I sponsor a child in Brazil - for their privicy I will tell no more details other than it is one of the best things I do.  If you wish to think about child sponsorship and find a little more information World vision can be found at